Look after your rugs

Although we seem to spend on our lovable pets before ourselves, rugs cost money and if you can save yourself a few pennies then as they say every penny counts.

Nowadays each horse averages six rugs and if you have a rug wrecker or a rug angel, they need looking after. 

A few basic things will help your rugs survive the season, if you can find a few minutes to check them.

  • Tears start small but one rub against a fence can cause a log tear down one side. Keep an eye & use duck tape to cover small holes till the end of the season
  • When they get hairy, it's a nightmare. Use a Sleek-EZ grooming tool to remove unwanted hair
  • As annoying as velcro is, rug manufacturers love it. Use a dog slicker brush to keep it clean so it can do it's job
  • If you are washing rugs at home machine, use the manufacturers detergent or a non-bio liquid AND make sure there is enough space for the drum to move and the machine can take the weight once the rug is wet

  • Any rugs that are beyond repair, remove old straps, clips etc It will save you money
  • Save 5% by paying for your rugs online before you bring them down, then there are only repairs to pay for when you collect them