One of those days that could make me cry!

Here at Toadally it has been a day that could make me cry 😢

We have been in business almost 16 years, washed thousands of rugs, repaired more than I care to think about, given sound honest advice to owners concerning their rugs and what did I do? I ignored Horseware Ireland’s advice on the rug label and thought my innocent pony, named Buttons would be safe for 10 minutes with her gorgeous microfibre Rambo rug.

I was so wrong! Leave a Welsh D in a stable with new shavings and what did she do? She rolled the second I turned my back, I could have cried, as from past experiences I know that no amount of sellotaping or picking would get the shavings out of that sweat rug!

Buttons sweetly looked at me but I knew she was laughing inside. What a muppet she must of thought as I stared in disbelief at the sweat rug that used to be grey but was now covered in white shavings

So what I’m trying to say is pay attention to rug manufacturers when they give you a warning as there is good reason for it. We all make mistakes and I can guarantee I won’t do this again!

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