Save plastic & bring your own rug bags

Plastic pollution is such a talking point nowadays and it is up to each individual person to decide how they can help. We at Toadally Clean only use British made recyclable plastic tubing for our packaging.

Here at Toadally Clean some clients bring in a different range of their own rug bags. Once their rugs are washed, re-proofed & repaired, we put them away in their own bags. All you need to do is bring the bags with you when they are dropped off and we will do the rest.

There are many good bags out there. Decide which suits you best and then bring them to us with your washing.

Here are a few links to different websites that sell a selection of rug bags:



Mark Todd


The Original Rug Bag Company

 Please be aware that Toadally Clean will still be packing any rug that comes in for washing in our recyclable plastic tubing unless asked to use your own bags. 

Should you wish to bring your old plastic bags back to us for re-cycling we are happy to accept them.